neuronade think drink for mental effort against memory loss

Expert opinion of doctor Wimmer

for mental performance & nervous system
 with important micro-nutrients
 natural plant extracts
vegan and without artificial additives
recommended by doctors

+The effects of Neuronade

Your brain matters

School & University
School & University

Since 2 years Neuronade is the perfect companion for many students.

Work routine
Work routine

Your brain needs essential nutritions for maximum productivity, creativity and success in business.

Conscious lifestyle
Conscious lifestyle

For those, who want to support their brains! Neuronade is the smart alternative to caffeine drinks.

+Natural ingredients


Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest trees in the world and known by the unusual leaf shape. Our Ginkgo extract contains flavonoids and terpene lactones.


Brahmi from India contains bacoside and has a long tradition in South Asia. It is very popular among Indian students, especially in the examination period.


Rhodiola has his home in Russia , Scandinavia and North America. It is a Crassula greenhouse and contains phytochemicals Rosavins and Salidrosid.

further ingredients

+Use & receipts

Use Dosage Tolerability Neuronade

We recommend you to mix the drinking powder Neuronade with 200 ml still water or juice (1-3 sachets Neuronade  per day)

Neuronade is suitable for longterm use. Side effects are not known.


Thats why more than 10.000 customers drink Neuronade

  • Only natural ingredients and not to sweet - really helpfull for studying! The big box with 100 sachets is worth the most for me.

    Max Elies
    Max Elies Law-Student
  • As a medic I really like the ingredients and components of Neuronade. It tastes high-quality and like nature. E great opportunity for to go!

    Doctor Johannes Wimmer
    Doctor Johannes Wimmer Doctor and author
  • Recently I train for the upcoming season and I drink therefore Neuronade frequently. My mother tried it, too. She liked it really as well!

    Maraike Biglmaier
    Maraike Biglmaier No. 1 of the ITF world ranking in Beach Tennis
  • Neuronade helped me in different difficult situations and saved my day. I like the flavour and it helps me!

    Mojo Di
    Mojo Di Yoga teacher and youtuber
+Quality & sustainability

High quality
High quality

Neuronade is produced with highest standards in Germany. Our manufacturer is IFS certified also, which is one of the most prestigious international food standards. Neuronade exclusively contains quality ingredients and no additional sugar.

Vegan & sustainable
Vegan & sustainable

Neuronade is a vegan brain-food, that means their are no animal products used in the production . It also does not contains artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, of cause!

Social responsibility
Social responsibility

For packaging, we are working very closely with a charity for people with disabilities . The non-profit social service offers people with disabilities a professional perspective and personal development.

Neuronade 100er Pack

Neuronade for best price. The practical big box with 100x Neuronade . Perfect for home and office !

79,00 €* (99,00€*)

Ingredients: 600 gram (13,17 € * / 100 gram)

Neuronade kaufen 12er Pack

For those who want to be convinced by Neuronade as an alternative to energy drinks.

14,90 €* (19,90*)

Ingredients: 72 gram (20,69 € * / 100 gram)

Neuronade To Go

Neuronade to go. Der Neuronade small box incl. drinking bottle – light stable and BPA-free!

25,90 €* (29,90€*)

Ingredients: 72 gram (35,97 € * / 100 gram)