Caffeine and sugar while studying? These 2 mistakes should be absolutely avoided!

Caffeine: Awake = concentrated?!

A big fallacy. Caffeine triggers an artificial stress situation for the body. Thus your reactions are fast, but higher regions of the brain get switched off, because your body already adapts to its original stress response: Attack and escape. Furthermore, irregular consumption of caffeine can disturb your sleep and that way reduce your performance capability.

Koffein zum Lernen?

Sugar: Does the brain need sugar?

Yes, the brains uses glucose, that is the smallest form of sugar, as a nutrient. However, studies show, that a steady blood sugar leven is best for ideal mental power. Sugary caffeine drinks lead to strong fluctuations of the blood sugar level and therefore should be avoided.

What’s the alternative? Neuronade!

Neuronade statt Koffein

✓ 7 natural plant extracts instead of caffeine

✓ Pantothenic acid to increase mental performance and to avoid fatigue

✓ Sweetened with stevia, only 20 kcal – simply mix it with water & enjoy

✓ online and in a lot of pharmacies

Für alle, die sich von Neuronade als Alternative zu Koffein-Getränken überzeugen lassen wollen! 

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Inhalt: 72 Gramm (23,47 € * / 100 Gramm)

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24er Pack

Unser Klassiker. Der 24er Pack für alle, die im Alltag auf Neuronade statt Koffein setzen.

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48er Pack

Neuronade – die Alternative zu Koffein-Getränken. Einstein wäre relativ stolz auf dich.

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Neuronade is
Neuronade Getränk

✓ Brahmi contains bacosides and is popular among Indian students

✓ Rose root is said to be an adaptogen (stress regulator)

✓ Green tea with in l-theanin and polyphenol

✓ Flaxseed oil contrains omega 3 and is vegan

✓ Ginkgo with flavonoids

✓ Blueberries contain antioxidants

✓ Aronia with polyphenols

in addition to:

✓ Ginger, lemon grass, lemon juice

✓ Natural fruit sweetness & stevia

✓ Pantothenic acid to increase mental performance

Neuronade Qualität vegan vegetarisch
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