Dosage of Neuronade

Which dosage is recommended?

Generally, we recommend to start with one sachet and if needed to increase the dosage to three sachets a day. However, three sachets a day is the maximum recommended consumption that should not be exceeded.

We would like to advice against drinking Neuronade during pregnancy or nursing period. A doctor should definitely be consulted before consumption. Furthermore, supplements should always be stored out of reach of small children. Besides, there are no limitations of intake with regard to age. For instance, our oldest customer is 93 years old. If there are still uncertainties regarding intake and dosage, we recommend to wait with the intake and firstly consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Dosage for long-term use

Neuronade is suited for long-term use. The dosage in this case is also 1-3 sachets a day. Side effects or habituation have not been experienced so far.

Use Dosage Tolerability Neuronade

Is there a scientific trial of the effectiveness?

Unfortunately, a saddle fast, scientific study is connected to a high financial effort which we cannot bear at this moment. It is especially necessary when setting up a study with a lot of people, to hold the greatest possible number of variables constant to obtain durable results. This is why there is no scientific study with our special formulation and dosage. However, there are numerous studies about the ingredients that Neuronade contains. Due to the current legal situation regarding health claims of plant substances (botanicals) we are not allowed to refer to these references at this stage and kindly ask you to research rose root, brahmi, gingko and green-tea and co. to visualize their benefits. We hope that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will soon deal with botanicals so there are official statements that can be made publicly. We ask you to understand our reluctance in this field. Nonetheless, we are still very interested in setting up a study with the special formulation of Neuronade if the occasion arrises. In the course of a master thesis at the university Anhalt a student is already working on how a scientific study could take place. As soon as a study has been made, we will refer you to it at this point.