What helps to avoid fatigue?

Fatigue in the everyday life cannot only strongly affect well-being, but also work productivity. Often it doesn’t need external means to fight against fatigue. Here are several tips to avoid tiredness in the daily life:

Sleep well

It should be considered, that not the sleeping time makes the difference but the quality of sleep. Make sure to keep the sleeping place cool, dark and quiet. Before going to bed LED-lights and meals with a lot of carbohydrates should be avoided. To start the new day fresh, it is crucial not to be woken up by an alarm clock out of a deep sleep phase. At this, a corresponding time management helps as well as to use a sleep app like Sleep Better. If required, a power nap during the day can also help to stay fresh in spirit. But it should only last around 10 up to a maximum of 30 minutes. Like this one can ensure to only sleep in a light sleep and doesn’t continue to a deep sleep. Researches found out that after naps of over 30 minutes one can stay drowsy for up to another whole hour. A 10 minute power nap however is said to be an effective way to combat tiredness.

Sun and physical activity

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Light strongly influences our mood and can help to persist against fatigue. This is because of the influence to the hormonal system. Sun light reduces the number of sleep hormones (melatonin). Simultaneously, it stimulates the production of neurotransmitter serotonin, which lifts the mood and encourages the waking state. A little walk in the fresh air is ideal. Thus, oxygen intake and circulation rise at the same time. Furthermore, the movements release happiness hormones which also counteract tiredness.

Drinking sufficiently

An insufficient fluid intake can quickly lead to dehydration to which especially mental performance reacts very sensitively. We get tired, listless and concentrate badly. Already fluid losses of only 2% can lead to significant performance drops. Mental performance drops caused by dehydration can last for several hours. Therefore, it should be always taken care of maintaining a stable fluid balance. Everyone should drink 30-40ml of liquids per one kilogram of body mass. For instance, for a person with a body mass of 75 kg the resulting numbers are 2,25 – 3 liters per day. If the person also works out or it is really hot, he needs even more liquid.

Drinks against tiredness

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Coffee? Energy drinks? Caffeine-containing teas?

Often, people stick to caffeine to counteract fatigue. Be that coffee, energy drinks or caffeine tablets. The wakefulness however only lasts for a short time and changes by return into an even stronger exhaustion. Moreover, caffeine can negatively influence the quality of sleep.


Neuronade contains pantothenic acid which reduces demonstrably fatigue and tiredness. Also natural plant extracts like rose root, gingko, brahmi and green tea are contained instead of caffeine. The beverage powder can be mixed with still water, preferably in the Neuronade glass drinking bottle. Extracts from lemon grass, ginger and stevia provide a nice freshness. Neuronade is also free of artificial flavors, colorings and preservatives and only contains 20 kcal per sachet.

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