Environmentally friendly shipping – our standard

CO2-neutral shipping

We ship CO2-neutral! This is why we count on DHL as our logistic partner and participate in the environmental program DHL GoGreen. Thus, CO2-emissions can be reduced and the occurring amounts of carbon dioxide are balanced by supporting certified environmental programs. Another factor to create an environmentally friendly shipping is the low weight of our shipments. We developed Neuronade intentionally as a drinking powder. This way plant extracts like gingko, rose root, brahmi and green-tea stay protected and effective until you activate them in a drink. We also don’t have to waste resources on the transport of water and can also save unnecessary amount of carbon dioxide.

Sustainable packaging

For our shipments we exceptionally use recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials from renewable raw materials which doesn’t damage the environment. For instance, we use tape from natural rubber, environmentally friendly cardboard boxes from recycling material, compostable packaging chips from corn as well as bubble wrap and air cushions.

Eco Office

For our shipments, we count on an energy-saving, paperless and efficient office. We don’t print e-mails, use environmentally friendly paper and inkjet printers with a low ink consumption, we print paper double-sided or use it for notes. We use stationary from recyclable materials (paper, cardboard, wood), solar-powered calculators, letter scales etc., energy-efficient IT hardware (standby devices get switched off automatically) and ecological advertising materials certified by natureOffice, preferably produced in a CO2-neutral way.

Fast, inexpensive, reliable

Our shipment is not only environmentally friendly. We are also always striving to reduce our delivery time. Our location, which is close to a DHL hub, goes hand in hand with DHL’s existing processes. Usually, our shipment can be delivered within 48h after ordering.

Besides, we offer a Germany-wide free shipping for order values over 20€.

Please feel free to give us your direct feedback via [email protected] if it ever comes to problems during the delivery. Thank you!

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Inhalt: 72 Gramm (23,47 € * / 100 Gramm)

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24er Pack

Unser Klassiker. Der 24er Pack für alle, die im Alltag umweltfreundlich auf Neuronade setzen.

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48er Pack

Neuronade mit Pantothensäure gegen Müdigkeit im umweltfreundlich im 48er Pack.

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Inhalt: 288 Gramm (20,80 € * / 100 Gramm)

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