The perfect gift for students!


✔ especially developed for students

✔ to increase mental performance & avoid fatigue

 no caffeine, only 20 kcal per sachet

✔ natural plant extracts like rose root & brahmi

✔ just mix it with water

 inspiring packaging

Das perfekte Geschenk für Studenten. Neuronade Think Drink im 12er Pack.

16,90 €*

Inhalt: 72 Gramm (23,47 € * / 100 Gramm)

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Unser Klassiker. Der 24er Pack für alle, die im Alltag auf  Neuronade setzen.

32,90 €*

Inhalt: 144 Gramm (22,85 € * / 100 Gramm)

Neuronade im 48er Pack als Geschenk für Studenten. Einstein wäre relativ stolz auf dich.

59,90 €*

Inhalt: 288 Gramm (20,80 € * / 100 Gramm)

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A suitable present for overworked students

In contrast to energy drinks, Neuronade doesn’t contain any caffeine, but natural plant extracts like rose root, brahmi, gingko and green tea. Moreover, Neuronade contains pantothenic acid to increase mental performance and avoid fatigue and tiredness. For this reason Neuronade is a suitable present for students in every course of studies and at all ages.

Neuronade was developed by students for students. During examination period they came up with the idea of creating an appropriate alternative to caffeine drinks. Subsequently, they developed the new trend drink with the assistance of their university and professional foods technologists. The idea was very well received so that it came to a delivery bottleneck during the exam period. Meanwhile, over thousands of students tried the Think Drink and came to appreciate it.

Is Neuronade a healthy energy drink? No. Neuronade is a Think Drink and distances itself clearly from common energy drinks. Due to its innovative concept Neuronade won, amongst others, the LIFE price.

Neuronade is available in our online shop with always 12 sachet units. 12 Neuronade sachets are bundled in an appealing packaging and make the perfect gift for students. We can send the Neuronade delivery on request directly to the address of the student. Therefore, there is the possibility in the shopping basket to enter an alternative shipping address.

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