Glass drinking bottle – light, shatterproof, BPA-free

Trinkflasche Glas kaufen umweltfreundlich

Buy glass drinking bottle? – Why?

✓ healthy: no softeners (BPA-free)

✓ environmentally friendly: no waste, no CO2

But are glass bottles practical? Yes!

The Neuronade glass drinking bottle is

 light and handy (only 165g)

 sturdy and very shatterproof

 easy to clean in the dishwasher

 fits into every handbag

 use tap water – inexpensive & environmentally friendly

 last a lifetime

The award-winning design makes the glass drinking bottle a real eye-catcher!

Bundle price including a 12 pack Neuronade: only 25,90 €*

For on the go: Light and shatterproof

Trinkflasche Glas bruchsicher

The weight of the glass drinking bottle plays a crucial role. We want to use the drinking bottle on the go without having to carry a ton of weight. This is why the Neuronade drinking bottle consists of a special glass, the so-called borosilicatglass. This glass is significantly lighter than normal glass, but nevertheless extremely sturdy and shatterproof. Only that way it was possible to end up with this special drinking bottle that weighs of just 165 grams. The award-winning design and practical filling volume of 0.3 liters makes the bottle perfect for on the go. You drink more than 0.3 liters? That’s good. Simply fill it up again with tap water at any time.

It’s often a problem with glass drinking bottle, that they break after dropping them and leave behind dangerous glass splinters. The advantages of borosilicate glass fully apply in these cases. The material isn’t only more environmentally friendly in the processing than common glass, but it is particularly sturdier. This is why this special glass is also used in laboratories.  It withstands almost every forces and is therefore very shatterproof and almost unbreakable in the everyday life.

Bei Trinkflaschen aus Glas hat man häufig das Problem, dass diese beim Herunterfallen zu Bruch gehen und gefährliche Glassplitter hinterlassen. Auch hier kommen die Vorzüge des Borosilikatglases voll zum Tragen. Dieses Material ist nicht nur in der Verarbeitung umweltschonender als herkömmliches Glas, sondern vor allem auch deutlich stabiler. Deshalb wird dieses besondere Glas auch in Labors verwendet. Es hält fast allen Krafteinwirkungen stand und ist somit sehr bruchsicher und im Alltag so gut wie unzerbrechlich.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

The developers of the Neuronade drinking bottles were moved and shocked when they heard a speech of the UN climate summits about the gigantic plastic islands in the oceans. This is how the idea of a glass bottle that lasts a lifetime arose. Through its practical form and low weight the drinking bottle is also perfectly suited to use locally available tap water.  This is very environmentally friendly, since the water doesn’t need to be filled into plastic bottles and be transported over long distances.

Another important point is that the softeners (mostly BPA) in plastic bottles or also hormonal effective substances dissolve in the water and are taken up by the body.

Easy to clean in the dishwasher

Neuronade Trinkflasche Glas Spühlmaschine Geschirrspühler

In contrast to plastic bottles, the Neuronade drinking bottle can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. The clever design also doesn’t have any edges where bacteria could gather. Generally, the glass drinking bottle lasts a lifetime. If the bottle is intensively used over a long period of time, calcification might appear like with any other glassware. This calcification is harmless and can be cleaned relatively easy. Simply put water with a little bit of vinegar into the bottle and let it stand over night. The lid of the glass drinking bottle consists of thermoplastic elastomer and can be clasped onto the bottle without a screw top. This is how leakage can be avoided. Like the bottle, the lid can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.  Washing it by hand is naturally also possible. A usual bottle brush is particularly suitable for that. 

What to put into the drinking bottle? Neuronade!

The Neuronade drinking bottle is the perfect addition to genialize yourself with Neuronade on the go. It fit into every handbag, schoolbag, backpack and briefcase. You can refill tap water in every university, school or office. Simply pour in water, add Neuronade, put the lid on, shake it – done. The Neuronade sachets were designed with the intention of simplifying the filling of the powder into the drinking bottle. Just open the Neuronade sachet, lightly insert it into the bottleneck and shake or press the sachet a little. Important to know is that the sachet shouldn’t touch the water, since the Neuronade powder can’t be poured out of the sachet as easily when it’s wet. After that, press the lid on and shake the bottle. While shaking you can put your hand on the lid for safety reasons. In countless cases however, the lid didn’t come off whilst shaking so far. Now nothing is standing in your way of enjoying Neuronade on the go (and earning curious and envious glances). With the Neuronade glass drinking bottle you have rose root, brahmi, green tea & co always freshly and tastily on-hand.

Neuronade Trinkflasche

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