Grüntee Extrakt in Neuronade

Green tea extract

Why green tea extract?

The daily enjoyment of green-tea is a tradition in China and Japan. A first use of green tea can be traced back to year 350. Since then, the calming as well as invigorating effect of green tea are very much appreciated. In the last decades an intensive examination of health promoting values of various green tea extracts with over 100 clinical studies took place.

Effect of green tea extract

Green tea contains the amino acid l-theanine. It acts soothing as well as stress-relieving and leads demonstrably to a higher incidence of alpha waves in the brain. These alpha waves (7-14 Hz.) are associated with a state of relaxed alertness which is ideal to accomplish complex mental tasks. It encourages calm and self-composed thinking, processing of information and relaxed concentration. For this reason l-theanine contrasts with caffeine which evokes an increase in beta waves. They are associated with stress, anxiety and depression. Besides, the capability of l-theanin to relax without making tired is an advantage in case of suffering of tachycardia, irritability, depression and dizziness. As l-theanin is an antioxidant also neuroprotective characteristics can be granted.

Besides that, polyphenols (catechins) which are contained in green tea, are associated with a positive impact on spatial thinking and learning ability. Latest studies found out that potentially, green tea can help to protect Alzheimer’s disease since green tea polyphenols reduce the formation of specific protein deposits that lead to dying of cerebral cells.

Intake of green tea extract

There are multiple different green tea extracts. Mostly, they are standardized on catechins, but a standardization on l-theanin and / or caffeine is also possible. To utilize the protective effect of green tea extract at best, it should be taken over a long period. Neuronade offers a good opportunity since the green-tea extract is processed into a beverage powder which can be drunk daily. We made the concious decision to use green tea extract with 40% l-theanins and 30% polyphenols. Whereas, caffeine was depleted. The daily dosage (3 sachets) contain 450mg of green tea extract with 180mg of l-theanin and 135mg of polyphenols. Besides that, other ingredients of Neuronade are: Extracts of rose root, brahmi, gingko and blueberries as well as omega 3 in form of linseed oil and pantothenic acid to help with mental performance and to prevent sleepiness and fatigue.

Neuronade Qualität vegan vegetarisch
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Green tea extract as a drink

Neuronade contains green tea extract

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Besides that, Neuronade also contains:

✓ Rose root with rosavins and salidroside

✓ Brahmi with bacosides

✓ Ginkgo with flavonoids

✓ Flaxseed oil contrains omega 3 and is vegan

✓ Aronia with polyphenols

✓ Blueberries contain antioxidants

✓ Natural fruit sweetness & stevia

✓ Ginger, lemon grass, lemon juice

✓ Pantothenic acid to increase mental performance & avoid fatigue

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Neuronade Qualität vegan vegetarisch
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