Is Neuronade a healthy energy drink?

No, Neuronade is not a energy drink, but a Think Drink. But why?

The main feature of energy drinks is caffeine.

Caffeine triggers an artificial stress situation for the body. Thus you become reactive and alert, because your body already adapts to its original stress response: Attack and escape. But higher regions of the brain get switched off. Furthermore, irregular consumption of caffeine can disturb your sleep and that way reduce your performance capability. This is why we followed a completely new path with Neuronade.

Energy drink alternative – the Think Drink

We are going down a completely new road. Neuronade doesn’t contain any caffeine but natural plant extracts with secondary plant substances.

These include:

  • Flavonoids and terpen lactons from gingko
  • Rosavin and salidroside from rose root
  • Bacosides from brahmi
  • Anthocyanes from blueberries and aronia berries
  • L-Theanin from green-tea

Neuronade contains besides that also omega 3 from flaxseed oil and pantothenic acid to increase mental performance and avoid fatigue and tiredness.

Bourbon vanilla, ginger and lemon grass as well as lemon juice, the sweetener steviol glycoside from stevia and natural fruit sweetness from 100% grapes are responsible for the taste.

Healthy energy drink: No. – Think Drink? Yes!

Neuronade Pflanzenstoffe

Healthy energy drink – a contradiction?

There can be definitely found good arguments that the term “healthy energy drink” is contradictory. Thus, the german Federal Institute of Risk Assessment demands to indicate detailed information on labels of energy drinks and advises consumers with high blood pressure and heart diseases should to avoid energy drinks until a significant study has been carried out.

On the website of the german Federal Institute of Risk Assessment the following unwanted caffeine effects are depicted:

  • nervousness, insomnia, sickness, headache
  • increased anxiety, perception disorder
  • cardiac arrhythmia, elevated breath frequency
  • gastrointestinal disturbances, acute intoxication

Although, the german Federal Institute of Risk Assessment doesn’t see a risk for the proper intake of caffeine, it remains an open question, if a healthy energy drink is even possible.

Gesunder Energy Drink?

Gesunder Energy Drink? Nein. Think Drink? Ja. Für alle, die sich von Neuronade überzeugen lassen wollen! 

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24er Pack

Unser Klassiker. Der 24er Pack für alle, die im Alltag auf Neuronade Think Drink setzen.

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48er Pack

Bestelle Neuronade im 48er Pack. Neuronade: Gesunder Energy-Drink – Nein. Think Drink – Ja!

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