What are micronutrients?

Micronutrients is the generic term for vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and special plant substances. The main difference to macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats and protein is the energy value. Micronutrients contain no calories as opposed to macronutrients.

Micronutrients play a crucial role in the human metabolism. Micronutrients are necessary to regenerate skin, muscles, bones and nerve conductions.

Why micronutrients?

Usually, a balanced diet contains micronutrients to a sufficient extent. In stressful situations supplementing can be useful to satisfy the increased requirements or to balance a deficient diet with lots of “empty calories” (foods with little micronutrients).

deficit of essential micronutrients can lead to serious restrictions of physical and mental performance. Well-known examples for deficiency symptoms are iron deficiency, vitamin D deficiency or scorvy which is a vitamin C deficiency that a lot of sailors suffered from in the past.

Micronutrients in Neuronade

Neuronade contains an unique combination of micronutrients. Primarily, we count on divers secondary plant substances, which stem from natural plant extracts. For instance, Neuronade contains bacosides from brahmi (bacopa monnieri), rosevins and salidrosides from rose root (rhodiola rosea), gingko-flavonoids and terpen lactones from gingko biloba, l-theanin and polyphenol from green-tea, anthocyans from blueberries and aronia berries and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Pantothenic acid contributes to an usual mental performance and diminishes fatigue and tiredness. Besides, Neuronade also contains Omega 3 from flaxseed oil. Extracts of bourbon vanilla, ginger, lemon grass and lemon juice powder add to the taste. You can find further information about plant substances here.



Supplement with premium quality

We place a great deal of importance on high-quality ingredients and strict compliance of international safety and quality standards. This is why Neuronade is produced by a professionell food manufacturer who is certified by IFS Food. This is one of the most renowned international standards for foods. We exclusively use plant extracts with proven quality assurance. Furthermore, we carry out regular quality controls ourselves. Therefore, we engage the reputable and independent institutes Eurofins and Fresenius. Neuronade is of course also subject to controls by state authorities.

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