What are phytochemicals?

Plants contain different micro- and macronutrients. Particularly interesting is the group of secondary plant substances or phytochemicals. These substances are not essential for plants but for humans they are of great importance. Depending on the structure, secondary plant substances can be assigned into different groups like flavonoids or saponins. There are numerous indications that secondary plant substances influence the human body. Although divers scientific studies have been carried out, there doesn’t exist a clear picture about this topic yet, since not all relevant secondary plant substances and their corresponding plant substances have been identified and researched by now.
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Phytochemicals in Neuronade

Neuronade contains numerous different plant substances. Primarily, we count on extract from brahmi (bacopa monnieri), rose root (rhodiola rosea), gingko biloba and green-tea. Brahmi is a marsh plant from India with a tradtion of over hundreds of years. It contains the secondary plant substances bacosides and saponins and it is popular among Indian students. Rose root is originated in higher regions of Scandinavia, Russia and Asia and was already used by the vikings. An extensive scientific study took place by Russian researchers, who classified rose root as an adaptogen for the first time. Rose root contains among others the secondary plant substances rosavin and salidroside. Green tea has also a long tradition. Its first use can be traced back to the year of 350. With over 100 clinical studies an intense investigation has been carried out over the last decades. Furthermore, Neuronade contains gingko, aronia, blueberries as well as flaxseed oil powder. Bourbon vanilla, ginger and lemon grass as well as lemon juice powder, sweetener steviol glycoside from stevia and natural sweetness from grapes contribute to the taste. Here you can find more information on our plant substances.

With quality in mind

We place great value on premium ingredients and compliance of strict safety and quality standards. Therefore, Neuronade is produced by a professional food manufacturer who is IFS Food certified, which is one of the most renowned international standards. Only plant extracts whose quality has been assured beforehand are used in Neuronade. Moreover, we carry out regular quality assurances, for which we instruct the highly regarded and independent institutes Eurofins and Fresenius. As a matter of fact, Neuronade is subject to the controls of state authorities.

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