Vegan vegetarian, without genetic engineering

Vegan vegetarian

Vegan food is food which was produced without the use of direct as well as indirect animal products.

During the development of Neuronade it was crucial for us to deliberately avoid animal based ingredients. For instance, we used flaxseed oil as a source for omega 3 instead of fish oil as it is often the case. Furthermore, we paid attention that no animal products were used in the production of the ingredients, like gelatine or air bladder which are used to clear juices. For us it was a matter of fact that a drink with plant extracts needs to be vegan.

Vegetarian food contains besides plant-based products only animal products of living animals, that is no meat or fish.

Since we only use plant-based products, Neuronade is also vegetarian.


Without genetic engineering and dubious additives

Besides our renunciation of animal-based ingredients (vegan vegetarian) we also wanted to ensure to forego the usage of common allergens.

This is why Neuronade is:

  • gluten-free
  • lactose-free
  • without soy
  • without eggs
  • without nuts

Moreover, we do not believe in the use of genetic engineering,

We also renounce:

  • artificial flavors, colorings and preservatives
  • flavor enhancer and thickening agents

Made in Germany

We produce Neuronade in Germany and set high priorities on premium ingredients and compliance of strict safety and quality standards like IFS Food, one of the most renowned international food standards. Among other things, this implies that all of our resources get analyzed before they get processed to our Neuronade. Furthermore, the quality is controlled continuously by certified food chemists and is subject to the controls of state authorities. Fundamentally, we only work together with highly regarded food institutes like Fresenius and Eurofins, when it comes to testing Neuronade.

The high standards of quality are a crucial part of our corporate philosophy. They go hand in hand with out shipping and packaging, which we created as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, be that our CO2-neutral shipping with DHL GoGreen or our usage of recyclable packing material.


Neuronade Qualität vegan vegetarisch ohne Gentechnik

Vegetarisch vegan ohne Gentechnik

Qualität gut durchdacht