Rosenwurz Rhodiola Rosea in Neuronade

Rose root (rhodiola rosea)

What is rose root?

Rose root (rhodiola rosea) a plant which stems from mountain areas in Europe, Asia and North America. For thousands of years it has been used in Russia, Japan, China and Scandinavia to cope better with stressful situations. For instance, even the vikings made use of rose root when they went hunting.

What’s the effect of rose root?

In the 20th century soviet researchers carried out the first extensive scientific analysis. Amongst other things, rose root played a crucial role in the studies of Dr. Nicolai Lazarev about a special group of plants, which he named adaptogens.

Adaptogens help adapt the body to special pressure phases and contribute to a normalization of stress reactions. Thereby, especially an enhanced mental and physical resistance is very noticeable. The mode of action is not yet completely explained however these characteristics can be attributed to the secondary plants rosavin and salidroside which are elements of rose root.

Rose root extract

Rose root extract is mostly extracted from the root and rhizome of the plant. During the process a standardization to the glycosides salidroside and rosavin takes place. The German Federal Institutfor Risk Assessment generally classifies rose root as safe to use in foods however it should always be taken care of that only certified extracts with valid analysis certificate are used.

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Rose root as a drink

Neuronade contains rose root in a concentrated form

Neuronade Getränk

furthermore Neuronade contains:

✓ Brahmi with bacosides

✓ Green tea with l-theanin & polyphenols

✓ Flaxseed oil contains omega 3 and is vegan

✓ Ginkgo with flavonoids

Blueberries contain antioxidants

✓ Aronia with polyphenols

Ginger, lemon juice, lemon grass

Natural fruit sweetness & stevia

✓ Pantothenic acid to avoid fatigue

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Neuronade Qualität vegan vegetarisch
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