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Unfocused? Tired?

Neuronade as a supplement

✓ Pantothenic acid to enhance mental performance and to counteract tiredness

✓ Secondary plant substances consisting of natural plant extracts

✓  l-theanin and omega 3

✓ free of artificial flavors, coloring and preservatives

✓ no caffeine, 20 kcal each sachet

✓ simply mix it with water

With quality in mind

Neuronade Qualität vegan vegetarisch

Supplements – an important topic

To cover the own requirements of nutrients with nutritional or physiological effects, a growing number of people use supplements. They fall within in the range of foods and are intended to contain nutrients in a concentrated form. It is very important to mind place of origin and quality of supplements. This is why we produce Neuronade in Germany and place a great deal of importance on high-quality ingredients and compliance of safety and quality standards. Neuronade is produced by a professionell and experienced manufacturer in Germany according to the international renowned standard IFS Food. The quality is monitored continuously by certified food chemists and is subject to the control of state authorities.

Neuronade Getränk

As a supplement Neuronade contains

✓ Rose root is said to be an adaptogen (stress regulator)

✓ Green tea is rich in l-theanin is calming

✓ Brahmi contains bacosides and is popular among Indian students

in addition to:

Gingko, flaxseed oil with omega 3, blueberries and aronia berries

✓ Ginger, lemon grass, lemon juice

Natural fruit sweetness & stevia

✓ Pantothenic acid to increase mental performance

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Unser Klassiker. Der 24er Pack für alle, die zur Nahrungsergänzung auf  Neuronade setzen.

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